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Ukrainian Air Force explains complexity of repelling Russian missile attacks on Kharkiv

Ukrainian Air Force explains complexity of repelling Russian missile attacks on Kharkiv Photo: Photo: Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson Ilya Yevlash (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The greatest difficulty in repelling Russian air attacks on the Kharkiv region is the proximity to the border. Russia uses drones and mobile fire groups have very little time to go on the route and intercept these UAVs, according to the spokesperson of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Ilia Yevlash.

"The Russian occupiers analyze their routes and use rather difficult areas of terrain and terrain. To overcome them, it takes time," the Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson notes.

In addition, as Yevlash notes, Kharkiv is close enough to be hit by Russian-guided aerial bombs.

"The enemy has already learned, for example, to drop the D-30 UMPB, which we recently saw. The radius of their use is about 80 km," he notes.

The spokesperson of the Ukrainian Air Force notes that such strikes by the Russian Federation do not serve any strategic purpose.

"However, he chose Kharkiv as a target, a victim, on which he shows all his rage and hatred and tries to intimidate and terrorize the civilian population. Of course, we will defend Kharkiv and fight against all threats from the aggressor," says Yevlash.

Russian shelling of Kharkiv and region

On the night of April 4-5, Russian troops attacked Ukraine with attack drones and missiles. Yes, late in the evening it became known about a series of explosions in Kharkiv.

On April 4, the Russian Federation attacked Kharkiv twice. Before that, the invaders of the Russian Federation attacked Kharkiv with Shahed drones. Several UAVs damaged private and apartment buildings.

During the second Russian attack, three rescuers were killed, who were involved in eliminating the consequences of the previous strike. Currently, 12 people are known to have been injured and 4 killed as a result of the Russian attack on Kharkiv. In addition, an energy facility was damaged in the Kharkiv region.

Also tonight, Russian troops carried out an airstrike on the defunct airfield in Korotychi, which is in the Kharkiv region. There were no casualties.