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Ukraine uses depleted uranium shells responsibly - The Pentagon

Ukraine uses depleted uranium shells responsibly - The Pentagon Pentagon Deputy Spokesperson Sabrina Singh (photo:

The United States announced on September 6 the delivery of depleted uranium projectiles to Ukraine. The Pentagon expressed confidence that the Ukrainian forces would use them responsibly, states Pentagon Deputy Spokesperson Sabrina Singh to CNN.

The depleted uranium munitions can be fired from American Abrams tanks, which are expected to arrive in Ukraine this autumn. They are capable of penetrating armored plates, as depleted uranium rounds are nearly 70% denser than lead.

"The U.S. is confident the Ukrainians would use the munitions responsibly if and when they are provided," Singh said.

The transfer of depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine

The United Kingdom announced the transfer of depleted uranium shells to Ukraine on March 21. At that time, the UK stated that they would be provided along with a squadron of Challenger 2 main battle tanks.

Initially, the Pentagon stated that they would not follow the UK's example in supplying Ukraine with such weaponry. However, it became known in June that the White House, after several weeks of internal debates on how to equip the Abrams tanks being provided to Kyiv, was ready to provide Ukraine with depleted uranium rounds.

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