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Ukraine urges Bulgaria not to use war as political tool

Ukraine urges Bulgaria not to use war as political tool Bulgarian flag (photo: Getty Images)

The Embassy of Ukraine in Bulgaria called on all Bulgarian officials and all political forces not to use the war for political purposes.

The embassy emphasized that Ukrainians are paying the worst price every day for deterring the aggressor. This is how the country reacted to the fact that Bulgaria planned to propose peace talks between Russia and Ukraine at the upcoming NATO summit in Washington and act as a mediator.

The Ukrainian embassy noted that calls to limit assistance to Ukraine will not lead to peace. Only an increase in defense assistance to Ukraine will help strengthen security in the entire region, restore respect for international law, and bring about a just peace.

"Calls to limit or block assistance to Ukraine practically mean encouragement to assist the aggressor state. Slowing down or restricting the provision of necessary assistance to Ukraine will not lead to peace, but to more casualties and bringing the frontline closer to the EU borders," the statement said.

The embassy recalled that Ukraine, together with its allies, is working to implement the peace formula of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The Ukrainian side is grateful to Bulgaria and Prime Minister Dimitri Glavchev for participating in the Peace Summit in Switzerland on June 15 and 16.

"Only through joint efforts can and should the international community force the aggressor to stop the war of aggression and restore peace. Restoration of security is possible only through joint efforts," the Ukrainian Embassy in Bulgaria emphasized.

Ukraine expressed its gratitude to Bulgaria for the decisions taken to support the Ukrainian state and all the political, financial, energy, humanitarian, and defense assistance provided to Ukraine.

"This is a significant contribution to our common victory, a confirmation of the historically friendly Ukrainian-Bulgarian relations and mutual assistance in difficult times. Expressing its gratitude, the Embassy of Ukraine calls for the consolidation of all political forces and civil society to strengthen assistance to Ukraine in the name of restoring sustainable peace and justice," the ministry summarized.

In July, Turkiye, Romania, and Bulgaria launched a joint operation to clear the Black Sea of mines.

Earlier, RBC-Ukraine reported that according to the conclusions of the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), the "final" end of the war in the logic of Russian leader Vladimir Putin implies the destruction of Ukrainian statehood.