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Ukraine to receive six Amber-1800 radars from Lithuania

Ukraine to receive six Amber-1800 radars from Lithuania Archive photo: Ukraine will receive six Amber-1800 radars from Lithuania (
Author: Daryna Vialko

Ukraine will receive new military aid from Lithuania. This includes six Amber-1800 radars, according to the German Ministry of Defense.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius praised Lithuania's strong support for Ukraine in its fight against Russia's aggressive war. He added that Lithuania achieves an extremely high level of military assistance.

Pistorius also said that the accompanying sale of six Amber-1800 radar systems is Lithuania's contribution to saving lives in Ukraine.

“Thank you also for your participation in our air defense initiative,” he said.

What is known about Amber-1800

Amber-1800 is a ground-based mobile radar station developed by the Lithuanian company LitakTak. The station is designed for automatic detection of airborne objects, their azimuth, and range coordinates.

In Ukraine, the station is localized under the name Burshtyn-1800. It is mounted on a semi-trailer, and in 2019, a sample was demonstrated on a KrAZ-7634 chassis.

Lithuania's assistance to Ukraine

Lithuania has been providing military support to Ukraine since the first days of the full-scale war and is one of the most active countries in this regard.

For example, Lithuania has recently provided Ukraine with M577 armored personnel carriers, 155-mm ammunition, ammunition for the Carl Gustaf anti-tank grenade launcher, RISE-1 remote detonation systems, and much more.