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Ukraine to receive new air defense Frankenstein tank from Rheinmetall

Ukraine to receive new air defense Frankenstein tank from Rheinmetall Illustrative photo: Ukraine will receive the Frankenstein tank from Rheinmetall (Getty Images)

German defense company Rheinmetall will supply a new Rheinmetall air defense tank to the frontlines in Ukraine, capable of shooting down missiles and drones, according to The Telegraph.

According to Rheinmetall, the base for the new tank will be the Leopard 1, and the most advanced Skyranger anti-aircraft system will be installed on its chassis. The creation of this new machine will enhance Ukraine's defense capabilities.

The Skyranger system can counter short-range threats, particularly swarms of drones and artillery fire, which are increasingly seen as decisive on the frontlines in Ukraine.

"There are still many Leopard 1 main battle tanks on whose chassis we could mount the Skyranger turret with the 35 mm caliber automatic cannon," said Bjorn Bernhard, head of land systems at Rheinmetall.

Ukraine to receive new air defense Frankenstein tank from Rheinmetall

Photo: Model of the future tank (Rheinmetall)

Installing the Skyranger on the Leopard will increase the ammunition load for the 35mm cannon and missiles, improve off-road capability, and allow the Leopard to traverse difficult terrain near the frontlines.

This also allows for the installation of additional equipment for target detection and tracking, increasing the number of ready-to-launch missiles.

The Skyranger 35 is a modern mobile anti-aircraft artillery system that protects troops and strategic objects from aerial threats such as drones, helicopters, and cruise missiles.

The main armament of the Skyranger 35 includes the 35mm Oerlikon Revolver Gun, capable of firing with high rate and accuracy. The Skyranger has modern sensors and radars that provide automatic target detection, tracking, and engagement. The Skyranger 35 can be mounted on various mobile platforms, providing high maneuverability and rapid deployment. The system is integrated with fire control systems and can operate within a unified air defense network with multi-layered protection.

Cooperation between Ukraine and Rheinmetall

Ukraine and Rheinmetall have already established several joint ventures. Recently, a workshop to repair equipment damaged during combat was launched.

Additionally, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are equipped with various military equipment from Rheinmetall, including Marder IFVs, Wiesel vehicles, Puma and Lynx IFVs, Skynex anti-aircraft systems, and various modifications of Leopard tanks.