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Ukraine to carry out evacuation from 5 km border zone with Russia

Ukraine to carry out evacuation from 5 km border zone with Russia Ukraine will carry out an evacuation from 5 km-border zone with Russia (Getty Images)

An evacuation will take place from the 5-kilometer Ukraine-Russia border zone in the Sumy region, due to the increase in artillery shelling, as local Regional Military Administration reports.

"The constant artillery shelling of border settlements, the intensity of which has significantly increased recently, is destroying infrastructure, vital facilities, and private homes. And most importantly, our people are dying," said Volodymyr Artyukh, the head of the Sumy Regional State Administration.

According to the statistics, from January to July 2023, 35 civilians have been killed in enemy shelling, and in the last month alone, 17 people, including 1 child, have lost their lives.

Artyukh also mentioned that civilians at the border are dying not only from artillery shelling. "The audacious murder of foresters in the Sveska community and residents of the Shalyhynska community is the work of Russian sabotage and reconnaissance groups, which have been increasingly penetrating our territory," added the head of the State Administration.

The presence of civilians in the five-kilometer zone prevents the Armed Forces of Ukraine from effectively responding to enemy actions and acting adequately in response, as this would expose civilians to even greater danger.

"Based on this, the Defense Council of the Sumy region has made a decision to prepare for evacuation," he said.

The situation in the Sumy region

Sumy region shares a border with Russia to the north and east. Since the large-scale invasion of Ukraine, the border region has been under constant shelling. Recently, the number and intensity of shelling have increased.

Russian reconnaissance groups have previously attempted to infiltrate the territory of the Sumy region. On June 25, in the area of the village of Rodionivka, the enemy made an unsuccessful attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine but suffered losses and retreated. In January, a group of 6 people attempted to move from Russian territory to the Yunakivska community, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine opened fire.