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Ukraine's MoD predicts positive shift in shells situation on front line

Ukraine's MoD predicts positive shift in shells situation on front line Ivan Havryliuk (Communications Group of the Deputy Minister of Defense)
Author: Daria Shekina

The Russian army still surpasses the Ukrainian Defense Forces on the front line in terms of artillery shells. However, in a month or two, the difference will significantly decrease, according to a statement by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Ivan Havryliuk.

"As of today, there is such a ratio - one to seven in favor of the enemy. But thanks to the initiative of the European Union, the Czech initiative, and thanks to aid packages from other partner countries, I think that in a month or two, this difference will be significantly reduced. There won't be such a large ratio in favor of the Russian Federation," says Havryliuk.

At the same time, he adds that Ukraine is not competing with Russia in terms of the quantity of ammunition, tanks, or soldiers; instead, it is striving for technological development.

"But we are looking for technological solutions, innovations, to gain a technological advantage on the battlefield over the enemy. And the ammunition that will be provided to us, which is available today, we use more effectively thanks to better impact systems provided to us by partners and the high qualification of our artillerymen. Currently, the one whose shells have greater range and better accuracy wins on the battlefield," the deputy minister notes.

Czech initiative

In early 2024, Czech President Petr Pavel announced about 800,000 ammunition in countries not part of the European Union but agreed to sell them. This includes 500,000 rounds of 155mm caliber and 300,000 rounds of 122mm caliber.

Ukraine's allies have allocated almost all the necessary funds to purchase 800,000 artillery shells under the Czech initiative.

Last week, a Czech official stated that the first deliveries are expected to arrive in Ukraine no later than June.

At the same time, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal stated that Ukraine expects the first batch of artillery ammunition from the Czech initiative to arrive as early as April.