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Ukraine's Defense Ministry names main priorities in weapons needed

Ukraine's Defense Ministry names main priorities in weapons needed First Deputy Defense Minister Ivan Havryliuk (Defense Ministry)

Air defense systems and missiles for them remain the top priority in weapons Ukraine needs. The Ukrainian army also needs artillery shells and electronic warfare equipment, says First Deputy Defense Minister Ivan Havryliuk.

He says that Ukraine needs various types of air defense equipment. It is not only about protecting cities and critical infrastructure but also about the safety of the military on the front line.

Havryliuk stresses that the priority remains modern air defense systems and missiles that can shoot down enemy ballistic missiles.

"What is also important for us is the provision of artillery ammunition, because the enemy has the advantage of using artillery ammunition on average 1 to 5 in their favor. We also need electronic warfare equipment so that we can reliably cover critical infrastructure facilities and units on the battlefield," Havryliuk said.

He adds that the Russian military drops 100-120 missiles per day on the positions of the Ukrainian forces. It is more than 3-4 thousand guided bombs in months. According to him, air strikes can only be countered by destroying Russian planes that drop bombs.

Weapon production in Ukraine

During the full-scale war, Ukraine increased the production of military equipment, weapons, and shells. The first fleet of marine drones was created.

More than 500 public and private defense companies operate in Ukraine. In addition, Ukraine produces weapons together with partners at their facilities.

Recently, the government took a step to increase the production of shells. The Cabinet of Ministers will make it more profitable for Ukrainian companies.