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Ukraine's allies understand that counteroffensive is moving in the right direction, MFA says

Ukraine's allies understand that counteroffensive is moving in the right direction, MFA says Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Ukrainian allies, including the United States, understand that the counteroffensive is moving in the right direction without slowing down, as Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba says in an interview with CNN.

“Our partners who are helping us, including the United States, they understand that things are moving in the right direction. And they understand that there's no tragedy or no kind of slow down. It's just happening because it's tough. It's a tough fight," he said.

The minister notes that Ukraine is not experiencing defeat; on the contrary, it is making progress in its counteroffensive.

“If Ukraine was failing, I would probably be the first one just to speak the truth. But we are not failing — we are moving forward,” Kuleba said

He adds that those who criticize the speed of the Ukrainian counteroffensive should put themselves in the shoes of a Ukrainian soldier returning from a mission, picking up the phone, and seeing that all the "smart people" are saying they are too slow and not doing well enough.

“You just lost two of your buddies. You were almost killed. You crawled one kilometer on your belly demining the field. You sacrificed yourself - you took the damn Russian trench in a fierce fight. And then you read someone saying ‘Oh guys, you're too slow’?” Kuleba added.

Counteroffensive of Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainian military forces began their advance in June. It is progressing slowly because the Russians have established multiple lines of defense on the occupied territory of Ukraine over several months, which is hindering progress.

Some Western politicians and media have referred to the counteroffensive as "slow" or not meeting expectations.

However, the Ukrainian military and political leadership have repeatedly responded to such criticisms. They have stated that the counteroffensive is proceeding according to plan in terms of effectiveness.

For example, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine General Valerii Zaluzhnyi notes that such comments are frustrating because "this is not a show, and every meter is gained with blood."

Furthermore, Kuleba says that criticizing the slow pace of the advance is like spitting in the face of the Ukrainian soldier. He advised all critics to come to the front lines and try to liberate at least one square centimeter.