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Ukraine receives Mistral air defense systems from Estonia

Ukraine receives Mistral air defense systems from Estonia Photo: Estonian Mistral air defense systems delivered to Ukraine (

Ukraine has received short-range anti-aircraft missile systems from Estonia and a supply of interceptor missiles. These are Mistral systems, according to the Estonian Ministry of Defense.

"Mistral short-range air defense systems and missiles provided by Estonia have been delivered to Ukraine. Let's keep supporting Ukrainian freedom fighters. Together, we can stop Russian aggression," the statement reads.

What is known about the Mistral systems

These are portable anti-aircraft missile systems manufactured by France. Ukraine has been using them since 2022.

Mistral is available in portable (MANPADS) vehicle, ship, and helicopter launch platform variants.

The Mistral MANPADS can engage aerial targets within 6 seconds and has a range of 4 km.

It takes about 1 minute to bring the system into combat readiness. The reload time is 30 seconds, and pressing the trigger to launch a missile takes up to 5 seconds. The missile's seeker head can detect and track targets such as "aircraft" at distances over 6 km and "helicopters" at over 4 km (even on head-on courses).

The missile's guidance accuracy is only 1 meter. At this distance from the target, the detonation of the missile's fragmentation warhead, which weighs 3 kg and contains several dozen tungsten balls, guarantees the object's destruction.

It is worth noting that new decisions to strengthen Ukraine's air defense are expected next week. At the NATO summit in Washington, allies are likely to make an important statement regarding F-16 aircraft.