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Ukraine receives free ground drones from Czechia: Details

Ukraine receives free ground drones from Czechia: Details Illustrative photo (Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

The Czech plant Isolit-Bravo is providing ground drones to the Ukrainian army free of charge. They are needed to assist the wounded and more, reports Hospodářské noviny.

It is noted that the Trail-Blazer model of ground drone features a remote control with a long battery life and the capability to carry up to 350 kg of cargo.

Moreover, such a drone can be used for transporting the wounded. The company mentions that this device is highly valued in Ukraine.

Ukraine receives free ground drones from Czechia: DetailsGround drone (

The Czech plant has already sent eight similar devices to the frontline in Ukraine, doing so entirely free of charge.

According to designer Filipa Chalupníka, the device, roughly the size of a go-kart, is perfectly suited to aid soldiers on the frontlines. It is remotely controlled and powered by an electric motor.

Help from Czechia

Czechia stands as one of Ukraine's main allies, supporting our country since the onset of the full-scale invasion by Russian occupiers. Throughout the war, Prague has provided not only humanitarian but also military assistance.

For instance, in mid-October, Czechia announced a joint effort with Denmark to supply Ukraine with infantry fighting vehicles, combat tanks, heavy weaponry, and other equipment from both new production and Czech private company stocks, funded by the Danish government.

At the end of November, Czechia donated up to 2.5 million euros (approximately 60 million crowns) to the NATO Trust Fund for non-military aid to Ukraine.