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Ukraine-Poland border unblocking: Ministry of Infrastructure to discuss issue with new Polish government

Ukraine-Poland border unblocking: Ministry of Infrastructure to discuss issue with new Polish government Ukraine to discuss border unblocking with new Polish government (Photo: (Getty Images)

The Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure will discuss the border blockade, initiated by Polish carriers since early November, with the new Polish government, according to Serhiy Derkach, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

He noted that currently, the Ukrainian side is trying to negotiate with the voivodeships and providing humanitarian aid with food and fuel to Ukrainian drivers.

"Yesterday, we sent official requests to the voivodeships of Lublin and Subcarpathian to ensure necessary conditions for our drivers. At least that. As for discussing the unblocking, it will probably be done with the new government," Derkach said.

After the parliamentary elections in Poland, President Andrzej Duda tasked Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki with forming a new government.

The opposition parties Civic Platform, Poland 2050, and the Left are expected to form the new government.

They have already agreed to form a coalition and appoint Donald Tusk as prime minister, but the actual change of government is expected in mid-December.

Blockade by Polish carriers

It is worth mentioning that since November 6, the movement of freight transport at the Ukrainian-Polish border has been complicated at the Korczowa-Krakovets, Rava Ruska-Hrebenne, and Yahodyn-Dorohusk checkpoints. As of the morning of November 23, 2600 trucks are waiting to enter Ukraine on these routes.

Today, Polish strikers blocked another border checkpoint between Poland and Ukraine, Shehyni, for trucks.

The queues at the border are due to the strikes by Polish carriers. On November 16, they rejected joint proposals from the European Commission, Ukraine, and Poland and refused to end the strike. Their primary demand is a return to the permit system for Ukraine.

The European Commission warned that it could initiate criminal proceedings against Poland if the government does not resolve the issue of the blockade of border crossings with Ukraine by carriers.