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Ukraine needs Gripen fighter jets from Sweden - ambassador

Ukraine needs Gripen fighter jets from Sweden - ambassador Photo: Ukraine seeks deliveries of Gripen (Getty Images)

Ukraine needs supplies of Gripen fighter jets, which Sweden can provide, according to Ukraine's Ambassador to Sweden, Andrii Plakhotniuk.

Plakhotniuk reminded that during his visit to Sweden last year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy clearly indicated that Ukraine is very interested in acquiring Gripen aircraft.

"We need Gripen, we need ammunition, we need air defense systems. We need everything to protect the lives of Ukrainians," the ambassador emphasized.

He also added that this is "a matter of people's survival."

Gripen for Ukraine

Last year Sweden allowed Ukrainian pilots to train on multi-role Gripen fighters.

At the end of February, the Swedish parliament supported the supply of aircraft to Ukraine.

However, yesterday, May 28, Swedish Defense Minister Pal Jonson stated that Western countries asked Stockholm to "wait" with the transfer of Gripen, as the main focus is currently on the introduction of F-16 fighters in Ukraine.