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Ukraine may purchase NSM anti-ship missile system from Poland

Ukraine may purchase NSM anti-ship missile system from Poland NSM (Defence24 pl)

Ukraine is holding talks with Poland to acquire components of the NSM anti-ship missile system, it is able to hit both maritime and ground targets, as Defence24 reports.

Ukraine is considering buying the system using either its own or EU funds. The potential purchase involves a battery of the Polish anti-ship system, possibly even a whole division.

What is known about this weapon

The main armament of the NDR system consists of NSM (Naval Strike Missile) missiles produced by the Norwegian company Kongsberg, capable of targeting both maritime and land targets at distances of over 200 km.

Ukraine may purchase NSM anti-ship missile system from PolandNSM anti-ship missile (

"It can be argued that after the delivery of British-French Storm Shadow/Scalp EG-class missiles, Ukraine will acquire another long-range European missile system, this time launched from the ground. The NSM missile is difficult to detect and it is small-sized (total weight of 400 kg)," the media says.

What does this complex consist of

The Polish army has two complete divisions of the anti-ship missile system. Each division consists of two batteries, three launchers with up to four missiles each, and auxiliary fire control vehicles.

In addition to these, the NDR system includes battery and division control vehicles, mobile communication units, detection and target tracking radars produced by PIT-RADWAR, and logistics support vehicles.

What are the features of the anti-ship missile complex

"The NDR system is designed to utilize data from external sources, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, hence the large number of control and communication vehicles needed in close proximity to the missile launchers," the media states.

The NDR transport vehicles are properly adapted Jelcz vehicles, and the Polish industry has played a significant role in the development and supply of communication and control elements, which have gained new competencies through technology transfer.

Poland's military aid to Ukraine

Poland has been providing military assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. It has already delivered hundreds of tanks and also pledged to supply Ukraine with a batch of armored personnel carriers.

Recently, it was reported that Poland would send thousands of machine guns and millions of rounds of ammunition to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs forces.

Previously, Poland transferred at least 14 MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine. Deputy Chief of the Main Operations Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksiy Hromov confirmed that Ukraine is already using the MiG-29 fighters provided by Poland and Slovakia.