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Ukraine increases foreign trade: Customs names top partners

Ukraine increases foreign trade: Customs names top partners Photo: The ranking of Ukraine's largest trading partners is headed by China and Poland (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

In January-February 2024, Ukraine's trade turnover amounted to $16.8 billion. This is 2% more than in the same period in 2023, according to the State Customs Service of Ukraine.

According to customs data, Ukraine imported $10 billion worth of goods and exported $6.8 billion worth of goods.

Countries from which Ukraine imported the most goods: China - $2 billion, Poland - $1.1 billion, and Germany - $769 million.

Ukraine exported most of its goods to Poland - for $649 million, Spain - for $624 million, and China - for $504 million.

In the total volume of goods imported in January-February 2024, the following categories of goods accounted for 67%:

  • machinery, equipment and transport - $3.5 billion
  • chemical products - $1.8 billion
  • fuel and energy - $1.3 billion

The top three most exported goods from Ukraine are

  • food products - 4.5 billion dollars
  • metals and metal products - $726 million
  • mineral products - $587 million.

Exports falling in 2023

According to the Ministry of Economy, Ukraine's exports of goods in 2023 decreased by 18.7% to $35.8 billion, the lowest in 20 years. According to the State Statistics Service, Ukraine's exports were lower only in 2005, at $34.2 billion.

In contrast to exports, imports in monetary terms grew by 12.5% last year to $62.2 billion.

Last year, Ukraine experienced a significant trade deficit in goods worth $26.4 billion. It was caused by two key factors: logistics problems and defense needs in 2023.