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Ukraine has slim chance of receiving U.S. financial aid by end of year, McConnell

Ukraine has slim chance of receiving U.S. financial aid by end of year, McConnell Congress may not be able to approve a financial aid package for Ukraine before Christmas (Photo: Getty Images)

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said it would be "virtually impossible" for Congress to pass an additional funding package to help Ukraine before Christmas, even if a deal is reached in the coming days, according to Reuters.

According to McConnell, an agreement on legislation to help Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific region will not be reached unless President Joe Biden fully engages in negotiations with Senate Republicans to include provisions to restrict migrants from crossing the U.S. border with Mexico.

"It is practically impossible - even if we reach an agreement - to craft it, get it through the Senate, get to the House, before Christmas," McConnell told reporters in the U.S. Capitol.
"There won't be a deal until Joe Biden and Republicans reach an agreement," McConnell added. "Without him, there is no deal."00:06

On Thursday, December 14, the House and Senate are expected to leave Washington for their year-end Christmas recess. Both houses of Congress will reconvene during the second week of January 2024.

Problems with U.S. financial assistance to Ukraine

Ukraine is facing the loss of military aid from the United States due to delays in adopting financial aid packages by the U.S. Congress.

On December 6, the Senate blocked the start of debate on Joe Biden's $106 billion aid package, of which more than $61 billion is earmarked for Ukraine's defense needs. The reason was the Republicans' demand to include a tougher set of measures to protect the southern border with Mexico in the bill.

U.S. President Joe Biden criticized the Senate's decision and accused Republicans of playing political games.

At the same time, the White House is ready to compromise on toughening border crossing rules for migrants to get the Republican Party's votes to approve financial aid to Ukraine.