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Ukraine and France strengthening cooperation in air defense

Ukraine and France strengthening cooperation in air defense Image: French SAM Crotale (

Ukraine and France are continuing cooperation in the field of air defense and missile defense, according to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

According to the information, during a meeting with the delegation from the French Senate, Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Ivan Havryliuk expressed gratitude to the French side for participating in the coalition for integrated air defense and missile defense of Ukraine.

The inaugural meeting of this coalition took place in Berlin under the chairmanship of France and Germany.

According to Havryliuk, within the activities of the coalition, the Ministry of Defense expects additional supplies of modern air defense systems and missiles for them.

"We need additional guided anti-aircraft missiles and radar reconnaissance means, primarily for detecting and destroying enemy ballistic missiles," noted the Deputy Minister.

He also emphasized the interest in training Ukrainian military pilots in France, particularly in increasing training facilities for technical and assisting personnel to service Western-type aircraft.

French assistance to Ukraine

Since the extensive Russian invasion of Ukraine, France has been one of the European countries actively providing financial and military support to Ukraine.

Recently, it was reported that Ukrainian pilots will start arriving in France next year for training as part of military assistance.

A month ago, the French government announced intentions to allocate an additional 200 million euros to the fund supporting Ukraine, allowing the Ukrainian army to continue purchasing French equipment.