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Two U.S. Marine Corps veterans killed in war in Ukraine

Two U.S. Marine Corps veterans killed in war in Ukraine Two U.S. Marine Corps veterans killed in war in Ukraine (photo: Getty Images)

American and British media report that two U.S. Marine veterans were killed in Ukraine in early December, according to the Voice of America.

Californian Ethan Hertweck was killed by Russians in Ukraine on December 8, just 11 days before he was to return home to the United States, an American newspaper reported last week.

Another U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Graham Dale, who was born in Ireland and later emigrated to the United States, was killed by Russian forces in close combat on December 9.

According to his fellow U.S. Army veteran Ryan O'Leary, Dale was killed while repelling an attack by Russian troops who broke through his unit's line.

"Instead of retreating or hiding, he ran into the combat. Dale killed multiple enemy soldiers before being wounded. The enemy assault was stopped due to his actions, and those of the Ukrainians with him which prevented the line from collapsing," O'Leary said.

His comrades brought the soldier back to safety and tried to save his life, but he succumbed to his wounds.

According to a list maintained by the American media, at least 46 Americans have been killed in Ukraine since February 2022, including 11 Marine veterans. Official U.S. sources do not provide estimates of the number of American volunteers killed in Ukraine.

Deaths of foreign volunteers in the war in Ukraine

People from different countries have voluntarily traveled to Ukraine to fight against Russia. Unfortunately, some of them were killed in action.

An employee of the Polish city hall in Lublin, Mykola Mialkowski, was killed during the war in Ukraine. He was 28 years old.

On September 30, an Estonian volunteer Tanel Krihul was killed near Lyman, Donetsk region.

Four Belarusian volunteers from the Lytvyn and Volat battalions were also killed in the war in Ukraine.