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Two Russian ships collided in St. Petersburg

Two Russian ships collided in St. Petersburg (photo: screenshot from the video)

In St. Petersburg, Russia, a ship collision occurred on the river during the night of May 26. One pleasure boat rammed into another, according to the Russian Northwest Transport Prosecutor's Office and the SHOT Telegram channel.

The incident in St. Petersburg on the Neva River happened under the Liteyny Bridge.

It is reported that a riverboat named Solaris collided with the bow of the pleasure excursion boat Chaika-SPG, causing damage to the hull of the affected vessel.

There is currently no information about possible injuries or casualties as a result of the collision between the two ships.

Russian authorities stated that the circumstances of the event and its causes are being investigated.

"The St. Petersburg Transport Prosecutor's Office is coordinating the work of the water police to establish all the circumstances, will check compliance with the legislation on traffic safety in the operation of water transport and the observance of passenger rights, and will assess the actions of responsible persons, taking measures of prosecutorial response if grounds are found," the statement said.

Footage of the collision between the two ships was also released online.