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Tusk urges EU to spend 100 billion euros on defense and Sky Shield

Tusk urges EU to spend 100 billion euros on defense and Sky Shield Donald Tusk (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

The European Union is being urged to mobilize at least €100 billion for defense and establish a joint air defense system, according to Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

Speaking alongside European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Tusk emphasized that prolonged debates over bolstering the bloc's defense capabilities must soon culminate in decisive action.

"TA lot of money spent well and wisely on Europe’s security will keep the war away from Europe’s borders for a long time. Maybe permanently," Tusk declared at an economic conference in Katowice.

Von der Leyen said that the EU must "rebuild, replenish and transform" its armed forces, endorsing Tusk's call for the creation of an anti-aircraft defense system.

Tusk cautioned that the region must spend the coming years enhancing military readiness sufficient to act as a deterrent against potential adversaries. He also urged the bloc to fortify its external borders.

"European borders have to be protected, because they have become the borders between the continent of peace and the aggressors who are preparing a war for us, also using hybrid methods," Tusk said.

The Polish PM passionately advocates for increased defense spending, citing Russia's ongoing war against Ukraine, now in its third year. Warsaw has expressed interest in joining the European Sky Shield initiative, which currently consists of 21 member countries.

These remarks come amid a series of events underscoring the threat. Security service representatives in Katowice reported the discovery of surveillance devices during a sweep of the premises where Tusk was slated to hold an emergency cabinet meeting.