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Turning over new leaf: Three zodiac signs poised to flourish this spring

Turning over new leaf: Three zodiac signs poised to flourish this spring Illustrative photo (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

This spring, representatives of three zodiac signs will be able to genuinely rejoice in their successes and stop dwelling on past mistakes. The universe will give them the opportunity to start anew.

Who will be lucky this spring is revealed by Spiritualify.


This spring, you will begin a global and very important period of transformation and renewal. You will be able to distance yourself from people who hinder your progress. Don't be afraid to break off relationships and burn bridges; it's all for the better.

And when you learn to prioritize and not be afraid to fight for your happiness, everything will change. Start fresh and don't worry about what others say.


This spring, you will experience many transformations. You will improve your self-esteem and begin to appreciate all your qualities. It's time to leave complexes and fears in the past life.

A world full of opportunities and prospects will open up before you. Start loving yourself, and you will be pleasantly surprised. Success will return to you in the "right" place; you can be sure of it.


By the end of spring, you will need to work on yourself and your attitude towards life. The desire to start everything anew may cloud your judgment; don't rush. Act consciously and gradually, solving all problems without haste.

There's no need to fear difficulties. They will all be minor, but each one will be a small step towards the top, where a special surprise awaits you. Breathe deeply and don't miss the chance for happiness.

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