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Trump wins primaries in South Carolina

Trump wins primaries in South Carolina The former US President Donald Trump (photo: Getty Images)

Former President Donald Trump won the Republican primary in South Carolina, the home state of his rival Nikki Haley, according to the Associated Press.

The survey results confirmed earlier forecasts that Trump significantly outpaces former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley. Residents of South Carolina were not inclined to give her preference. She greeted the former president and emphasized that she did not intend to withdraw from the race.

Trump noted that he has never seen the Republican Party so united, adding that respondents can celebrate for about 15 minutes, but then they have to get back to work.

The media noted that Haley is the last major opponent of Trump in the races, where he has dominated the Republican primaries. The former governor called on voters to embrace leaders of the younger generation. In addition, on Saturday, her supporters waved placards and deliberately drowned out Trump's speech.

Obstruction of aid to Ukraine

Meanwhile, Republican voters in South Carolina continue to support the Trump movement, Make America Great Again.

According to AP VoteCast data, about 6 out of 10 Republicans are against continuing aid to Ukraine. This is a troubling sign for Haley, as she was a supporter of supporting Kyiv, the media noted.

About half of the voters want the US to take a less active role in global affairs. Only a third described America's participation in NATO as very good, while others consider it somewhat good.

A court in New York state has officially found Donald Trump guilty of manipulating his capital in a civil fraud case brought by the state's attorney general. According to the court's decision, Trump is required to pay $454.2 million in compensation.