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Trump to quickly end war in Ukraine if elected president - Duda

Trump to quickly end war in Ukraine if elected president - Duda President of Poland, Andrzej Duda (photo: Getty Images)

President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, is convinced that Donald Trump would be able to end the war in Ukraine within 24 hours if elected President of the U.S. in this year's autumn elections. Additionally, he believes that the dictator Vladimir Putin would not risk waging war against Poland and the entire NATO bloc, reports Polskie Radio.

During his visit to Rwanda on February 7, the Polish leader mentioned that Trump always keeps his promises.

Duda stated that based on his personal experience as a president who had worked with President Trump, he could affirm that what Trump had promised him was delivered. He added that if he had received a promise from Trump, it had been fulfilled.

He also added that Trump is serious about everything he says.

The Polish army needs modernization

Duda was also asked about the potential threat of a Russian attack on Poland. He noted that theoretically, such a threat exists due to the situation where Russian imperialism has undoubtedly revived, and Russia has attacked Ukraine.

In his opinion, such an attack should trigger a response from the entire NATO alliance.

The president added that if Poland were weak, then undoubtedly the danger of such a potential attack would increase. Conversely, if Poland were strong, possessing a well-equipped army, then the likelihood of such an attack would sharply decrease, he noted.

According to Duda, further modernization of the Polish army and the acquisition of military equipment are necessary.

The President of Poland expressed that the process should continue, stating that if it were successfully implemented - which he believed it would be - it would signify a significant strengthening of Polish defense capabilities. He then asserted that the likelihood of a Russian attack on Poland would practically fall to a minimum, almost being excluded altogether. He elaborated that with a strengthened Polish army, Poland would be able to defend its land independently. Furthermore, with NATO support, including the U.S. army, Poland would undoubtedly be capable of repelling any attack immediately, he emphasized.

In his opinion, Vladimir Putin will think many times before attacking any NATO country because he has recently seen the difference in technological and technical capabilities between what NATO countries have at their disposal and what Russia has at its disposal.

Trump's peace plan for Ukraine

In March 2023, Donald Trump promised his supporters to end the Russia-Ukraine war within 24 hours if elected President of the U.S. in the November 5 elections.

At the same time, he stated that he would allow Russia to take part of Ukrainian territory to avoid war.

In response to such messages, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy invited Trump to visit Ukraine. He noted that in 24 minutes he would explain to Trump the impossibility of reaching agreements with the Russian dictator. However, Trump rejected the invitation, allegedly due to unwillingness to create a conflict of interest.

Zelenskyy is also ready to familiarize himself with Trump's peace plan. However, if it involves territorial concessions, it will not lead to peace.