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Trump found guilty in criminal case - Opportunity to run for US President

Trump found guilty in criminal case - Opportunity to run for US President Former US President Donald Trump (photo: Getty Images)

Former US President Donald Trump can still run for president. The US Constitution sets several requirements for candidates, including no restrictions based on character or convictions, according to Bloomberg.

It is unclear how Trump's conviction could affect the election outcome. But if he wins, the US would have a convicted criminal as its head of state for the first time.

Trump would not be able to grant himself clemency if re-elected because the case was brought by state, not federal prosecutors.

However, in two federal cases, Trump could theoretically order the Department of Justice to stop pursuing the cases if re-elected.

Court found Trump guilty in the first case

Donald Trump has been found guilty on all counts in the case involving the attempt to silence porn actress Stormy Daniels about their alleged sexual encounter. The verdict will be announced on July 11.

The former president has accused the prosecution and the court of bias and of carrying out a political order from current US President Joe Biden.

The charges relate to $130,000 in payments made by Trump's company to his then-lawyer Michael Cohen. Cohen paid this sum on behalf of Trump to prevent porn actress Stormy Daniels from publicizing her statements about her sexual relationship with Trump ten years ago. Trump denies the occurrence of this encounter.

Prosecutors argue that the payments to Cohen were incorrectly recorded as legal fees. The prosecution called these payments part of a scheme to conceal scandalous stories that, Trump feared, could help his opponent in the 2016 election.