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Trump demands Europe to reimburse US for arming Ukraine

Trump demands Europe to reimburse US for arming Ukraine Donald Trump (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Former US President Donald Trump has said that if re-elected, he will demand Europe to reimburse the expenses incurred in replenishing the arms supplies sent to Ukraine by Washington, according to Trump's recent address.

Initially, Trump criticized the US decision to provide cluster munitions to Ukraine because of the depletion of Western stockpiles of ammunition that could be supplied to Kyiv.

The ex-president claimed that less than three years ago, he "would fully rebuilt the US military and steered America into such a strong global position."

"Twenty-nine months later, our arsenals are empty, the stockpiles are bare, the treasury is drained, the ranks are being the ranks are being hollowed out, our country has been totally humiliated, and we have a corrupt, compromised president, crooked Joe Biden, who is dragging us into World War III," he said.

Additionally, Trump accused the European partners of the United States of providing meager assistance to Ukraine.

The former US leader also criticized the Biden administration for not yet making a request for reimbursement of the expenses.

"I will ask Europe to reimburse us for the cost of rebuilding the stockpiles sent to Ukraine, which they should be doing now, but Joe Biden is too weak and too disrespected to even ask," he added.

Furthermore, Trump revealed his plans in case he is elected President of the United States again.

"When I'm back in the White House, on day one, we are returning to a foreign policy that puts America's interests first. America's chief interest in Eastern Europe is peace and stability. We want people to stop dying," he said.

Trump's statements on the war in Ukraine

The former US President is already known for his controversial remarks regarding Russia's war against Ukraine. He has expressed support for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and opposed providing aid to Ukraine.

Trump said that he would allow Russia to take some Ukrainian territories to avoid war. He also refused to label Putin as a war criminal.

Moreover, recently, the former US President promised that, if victorious in the elections, he would compel Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Putin to reach a peace agreement.