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True meaning of dreaming

True meaning of dreaming Why people fly in dreams (photo: pixabay)

Flying dreams are among the most common types of dreams experienced by both adults and children. But why do we actually have such dreams?

Interpretation of a dream according to omens

Often it is said that when children fly in a dream, they are growing. However, for adults, the interpretation can be different: it signifies a need for inner freedom, a desire to make a change, to "rise above" a situation.

Interpreters of dreams provide quite contradictory meanings for flying dreams. Some dream dictionaries predict great success and career advancement, while others, on the contrary, assert that flying in a dream promises missed opportunities, fleeting love, job loss, and futile dreams.

Dream dictionaries interpret flying dreams in various ways, but most commonly the meaning will be as follows:

  • If you dream that you are flying very low above the ground, it is a warning of illness or a difficult life situation.
  • If you are flying so high that the ground is barely visible, it signifies wealth, happiness, and success.
  • Flying over the sea, a lake, or calm water, and seeing that the water is murky, predicts deceitful actions from ill-intentioned people. Be cautious in your personal life and affairs.
  • If you dream of flying over a city or among clouds, you are dreaming of victory, success, and fame.
  • Flying over ruins in a dream signifies misfortune and somber circumstances. However, if you notice greenery, trees, and bushes here and there, your troubles will be short-lived.
  • If you see the sun while flying in your dream, it suggests that your life will soon improve.
  • Dreaming of flying over beautiful landscapes, green trees, and valleys signifies success in your endeavors and happy love life.
  • On the other hand, falling during a flight indicates a great disaster, unless you wake up at the moment of your fall.
  • Flying over withered trees suggests that challenges await you on your path to success.

What do esotericists think?

Experts in the field of esoterics explain the origins of night flights by the separation of the astral body from the physical shell during sleep.

They state that the sensation of flying in dreams is actually the experience of one's astral essence. That's why in many cultures, sleep is considered a sacred act, and abruptly waking a sleeping person is strictly forbidden, as the astral body may not have enough time to rejoin the physical body.

A scientific explanation of flights and falls

Scientists explain flights (as well as falls and pursuits) in dreams through the specific workings of the brain.

This occurs when neurons responsible for awakening start to become active, adjacent cells in the vestibular system also begin to awaken, creating sensations of weightlessness, flight, and falling.

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