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Tribunal for Russia: Over 40 countries joined special group

Tribunal for Russia: Over 40 countries joined special group Photo: Andriy Kostin, Prosecutor General of Ukraine (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Over 40 countries have joined the group working on the creation of a special tribunal for Russia due to its large-scale military aggression against Ukraine, according to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Andriy Kostin.

Speaking on a national telethon, he noted that over the past year, the number of participating countries has doubled, reaching over four dozen.

Kostin emphasized that Ukraine must defeat the aggressor country "both on the battlefield and in the courts."

"Because holding the aggressor accountable is the restoration of dignity and justice for all victims of war crimes. Holding the aggressor accountable is also a deterrent to Russia and any other aggressor in any part of the world from repeating such crimes in the future," said the Prosecutor General.

He also revealed that in Davos, Switzerland, the Ukrainian delegation presented the second set of points of the Peace Formula initiated by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Among them is paragraph 7, which pertains to justice restoration. In this context, the Prosecutor General spoke about a comprehensive approach to this issue, which Ukraine is working collaboratively with international partners.

"We call it the Network of Comprehensive Responsibility. Comprehensive because it is responsibility for all crimes: war crimes, crimes against humanity, aggression, and genocide, as well as compensation for damage to our state and all victims," he said.

Special Tribunal on Russia for aggression against Ukraine

Dozens of countries are part of a group working on the creation of a special tribunal to hold Russia accountable for crimes committed in Ukraine.

As previously stated by a member of the Committee on National Security, Defense, and Intelligence of the Verkhovna Rada, Fedir Venislavskyi, such an international special tribunal could start operating as early as 2024.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor General of Latvia, Juris Stukans, stated that a special tribunal for Russia "could be created as soon as tomorrow," but it requires the desire to do so.