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Toxic parents: Psychologist shares how to find path to dialogue

Toxic parents: Psychologist shares how to find path to dialogue How to communicate with toxic parents (photo: Freepik)

Understanding and resolving relationships with toxic parents can be an important step for personal growth and emotional well-being. This process can be challenging, but some strategies can help along the way, according to psychologist Irina Kulik.


An expert advises starting with an analysis of your own feelings and reactions. Understanding your emotions and how they relate to your relationship with your parents is an important step.

Setting boundaries

It is crucial to establish clear boundaries for yourself. Do not hesitate to specify what things cause you discomfort or stress. It's important to recognize that you have the right to your personal space and boundaries.

Effective communication

Express your feelings and thoughts honestly but non-aggressively. Try to avoid accusations and focus on your own feelings and needs.

Seeking compromises

Consider the possibility of finding compromises and common solutions. This can help create a more positive approach to relationships.

Professional support

If you find it challenging to resolve the conflict on your own, seek help from a psychologist or therapist. They can provide an objective perspective and strategies for problem-solving.


The psychologist emphasizes the importance of remembering that your well-being is a high priority. If relationships leave you emotionally drained or damaged, allow yourself distance for self-protection.

Develop your independence

It is worth developing your personality and independence. Acknowledge your achievements and believe in your own strengths.

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