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Tourism taxes in Europe: What travelers need to know in 2024

Tourism taxes in Europe: What travelers need to know in 2024 Newhavn, Copenhagen neighborhood, Denmark (
Author: Maria Kholina

Tourist fees this year will increase in a number of European countries to generate additional funds and combat excessive tourism, according to

Why European countries are raising tourist fees

European countries typically include tourist taxes in the cost of hotel stays. The additional charge may vary depending on the length of stay, destination popularity, season, and hotel star rating.

According to the Group NAO and GDS-Movement report, an increasing number of countries, particularly in the United States and Europe, are introducing tourism taxes. More destinations are initiating sustainable development initiatives. By implementing such fees, countries can secure more funding to achieve a range of goals, says Guy Bigwood of the Global Destination Sustainability Movement.

For instance, in Greece, an increase in the existing hotel tax will help address natural disasters caused by climate change. In Dubrovnik, Croatia, the introduction of an additional tariff for cruise ships will help improve the infrastructure of the ancient city.

Where will new tourism taxes be introduced in Europe?

European Union: Paid registration

Starting in 2025, residents of non-EU countries entering Europe without special visa requirements will need to register through the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS). The registration cost is approximately 7 euros per person. The electronic visa waiver aims to enhance the security of the EU borders.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, which already has the highest tourist tax in Europe, plans to raise rates again in 2024. The city will increase the hotel room tax from 7% to 12.5%, and the cruise ship passenger tariff will rise from 8 euros to 11 euros per person per day.

According to Hester van Buren, Amsterdam's deputy mayor for finance, the increased revenue will be used to tackle the consequences of excessive tourism, maintain cleanliness, and address neighborhood issues.

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Підвищення тарифів. Що треба знати про туристичні податки в Європі на 2024 рік

Photo: Tourist tax will increase in Amsterdam in 2024 (


Iceland will introduce a tourist tax in 2024, but the exact amount has not been determined. Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir says the fee will be reasonable and support sustainable development programs, aligning with Iceland's goal to become carbon-neutral by 2040.

Olhão, Portugal

The largest fishing port in the Portuguese region of Algarve, Olhão, has been collecting a tourist tax since June 2023, with half of the revenue directed towards mitigating the negative impact of tourism. Visitors will now have to pay 2 euros per night in the high season and 1 euro in other periods of the year.

Barcelona and Valencia, Spain

Barcelona will increase the tourist tax in April 2024. Currently at 2.75 euros per night, it will rise to 3.25 euros. In Valencia, the tourist tax currently ranges from 50 cents to 2 euros per night.

Підвищення тарифів. Що треба знати про туристичні податки в Європі на 2024 рік

Photo: Tourist tax in Valencia ranges from 50 cents to 2 euros per night (

Venice, Italy

In 2024, tourists in Venice will have to pay 5 euros as the city has been combating mass tourism for several years. The fee applies to visitors over 14 years old and will be implemented through a digital portal with a QR code download option.


Denmark plans to introduce a passenger tax for flights in 2025. By 2030, airlines are expected to collect around 8.4 euros for flights within Europe, 32 euros for medium-distance flights, and 51 euros for long-distance flights. The revenue will be directed towards using eco-friendly fuel for domestic flights.

Підвищення тарифів. Що треба знати про туристичні податки в Європі на 2024 рік

Photo: Denmark plans to introduce a tax on air travels (

Tourist taxes in Europe

  • Austria: Vienna, Salzburg. Depending on location, number of days, and visiting season – 3.2 euros;
  • Belgium: Major cities like Brussels, Bruges, and Antwerp. Tax depends on the number of nights, room prices, and hotel ratings – 7.50 euros;
  • Bulgaria: All hotels – 1.50 euros;
  • Croatia: All destinations, mainly depending on the season – 1.33 euros;
  • Czechia: Prague – less than 1 euro;
  • France: Entire country – up to 4 euros;
  • Germany: Major cities, depending on hotel bills – 5%;
  • Greece: All destinations – 4 euros;
  • Hungary: Budapest – 4% of the room cost;
  • Italy: Popular destinations – 3 to 7 euros per night;
  • Netherlands: All cities – 7% of the room cost;
  • Portugal: 13 municipalities – 2 euros per night in hotels;
  • Slovenia: All destinations – 3 euros;
  • Spain: Popular destinations depending on hotel ratings and season – 4 euros;
  • Switzerland: Entire country.