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Total failure to painfully affect four zodiac signs

Total failure to painfully affect four zodiac signs Who will be unlucky in the coming days (photo:

The new week, from February 5 to 11, will unpleasantly affect representatives of four zodiac signs. They may be hit by a wave of total failures. The blow will be painful.

Who needs to prepare for problems for those mentioned, according to Know Insiders.


You should not expect global achievements. Significant failures may await you in your studies and at work. You might get distracted by trivial matters and waste time, causing essential matters to be neglected. This can lead to problems and scandals.


This week prepares some unpleasant surprises for you. Try to mentally prepare for a challenging period and don't take everything to heart. Problems may come crashing down on you, but this time is necessary for you to recognize all the mistakes and draw the right conclusions.


You should forget about complexes and uncertainty. Only this prevents you from moving forward. And this week, problems may intensify. The universe seems to have decided to show you where you are wrong. New experiences can turn out to be very unpleasant.


Do not expect global progress. Failures may await you in your work and career. Postpone all important matters for another time. Try to wait out the black streak. You can lie low and avoid problems if you don't interfere in events, which will be numerous.

Earlier, we mentioned that a happy period is about to begin in the lives of these Zodiac signs.

In addition, it is already known that success will only smile to three Zodiac signs.