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Top NATO official praises Ukraine for caution in counteroffensive

Top NATO official praises Ukraine for caution in counteroffensive Photo: Admiral Rob Bauer, the Chairman of NATO's military committee (Getty Images)
Author: RBC Ukraine

Ukraine's counteroffensive has proven challenging due to anti-personnel mines and other obstacles installed by Russian occupiers. However, Ukrainian defenders are acting prudently, according to Reuters.

"The counter offensive, it is difficult. People should never think that this is an easy walkover. It will never be," said Admiral Rob Bauer, the Chairman of NATO's military committee.

He noted that Ukrainian forces face defensive obstacles up to 30 kilometers deep as they attempt to break through Russian lines.

"We saw in Normandy in the Second World War that it took seven, eight, nine weeks for the allies to actually break through the defensive lines of the Germans. And so, it is not a surprise that it is not going fast," he said.

Bauer's comments echoed remarks made by General Mark Milley, the top U.S. military officer, who stated that the counteroffensive would be "very difficult, very long, and bloody."

The Chairman of NATO's military committee emphasized that Ukrainian forces were justified in being cautious to avoid significant losses while exploring potential breakthroughs.

"It is extremely difficult, this type of operation and I think the way they do it is commendable," he said.

Bauer added that Ukrainian forces should not face pressure or criticism for not moving faster: "This is a very, very difficult time for them."

Ukraine's counteroffensive

Some of Ukraine's allies have stated that the Ukrainian Armed Forces' counteroffensive is progressing slower than expected.

The U.S. National Security Council reported that the Russians have constructed multiple defensive lines on the occupied territory of Ukraine for several months, which slows down the advancement of Ukrainian forces.

However, Ukraine's Ministry of Defense emphasized that the counteroffensive is proceeding according to plan in terms of effectiveness.

Furthermore, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valerii Zaluzhny, stated that he is annoyed by comments about the "slow" counteroffensive because every meter gained by Ukrainian defenders is achieved through bloodshed.