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Top 7 countries providing best conditions for Ukrainian refugees

Top 7 countries providing best conditions for Ukrainian refugees Best countries for Ukrainian refugees (Freepik)

Several million Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes and become refugees in foreign countries with the onset of the full-scale invasion. Fortunately, these countries are helping them settle and lead normal lives.

RBC-Ukraine provides a list of the countries that offer the best conditions for Ukrainians, according to Olha Reznikova, who shares her experiences of living in different countries.

Countries that offer the best conditions for Ukrainian refugees


Ukrainians are most commonly found in Poland. The cultural similarity and the willingness of Poles to help Ukrainians, coupled with Poland's accessibility as a gateway to other countries, make it a popular choice.

United Kingdom

Ukrainians can also be found in the UK, but it's not as easy as going there as to Poland. To live in the UK, Ukrainians need to find a British sponsor willing to host them. It's important to note that sponsorship can end at any time, and people would have to find accommodation on their own. The UK provides financial support of €422 for adults and €361 per child.


In Germany, Ukrainians can expect free accommodation and meals, along with financial support amounting to €502 for adults and €418-420 for children, depending on their age.


Ukrainian refugees in Switzerland receive €520 and have the option for free accommodation and meals, similar to Germany.


In Norway, refugees from Ukraine can receive payments of €650 for adults and €350 per child. Additionally, people can receive €1400 if they attend special language courses. Norwegian authorities offer free accommodation, and those who wish to return to Ukraine may receive €1500.


Ukrainian refugees in Ireland can expect free accommodation and financial support of €800.


In France, the amount of financial support depends on the family size. A mother with a child receives €306 per month, while a family of four gets €520 per month. France does not provide accommodation but partially compensates for rent.


Ukrainian refugees in Denmark can receive financial support of €1700, but this applies to mothers with children. For a single adult, the payment is €800, but income tax is deducted from this amount. Denmark offers free accommodation.