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Top 10 must-see TV shows of July you shouldn't miss

Top 10 must-see TV shows of July you shouldn't miss Cobra Kai, Vikings: Valhalla, Lady in the Lake (collage by RBC-Ukraine)

This July is packed with exciting TV shows premieres. Both brand-new stories and continuations of beloved classics are hitting the screens.

Here are 10 shows promising to brighten up your evenings.

The Serpent Queen

July 12

The gripping tale of Catherine de' Medici continues with the second season of The Serpent Queen. This time, viewers are thrust into a whirlwind of plots, wars, and political intrigues surrounding the young Catherine, who is married off to the future King Henry II of France. Despite the hostility and pressure of the court, Catherine remains undeterred, determined to produce an heir, though fate conspires against her.

Vikings: Valhalla

July 11

The third season of the epic spin-off Vikings: Valhalla is set to premiere. This time, the story unfolds centuries after the original series, transferring viewers to an era marked by the decline of the seafaring warriors. Audiences will meet a new generation of Scandinavian heroes who challenge destiny, engage in brutal battles, navigate political intrigues, and embark on incredible adventures. The season promises to be as spectacular and emotional as its predecessors.

The Decameron

July 25

The Decameron, a new series, is set to debut, offering an unprecedented historical drama set in the 14th century amidst the devastation of the Black Death. Aristocrats and their servants attempt to escape the epidemic by retreating to a luxurious estate. Initially filled with debauchery and revelry, their days soon give way to a fierce struggle for survival.

Cobra Kai

July 8

The first part of the final sixth season of the thrilling series Cobra Kai will be released. The epic conclusion of the rivalry between the karate schools Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do will unfold with new challenges both on and off the mat. Writers promise numerous unexpected plot twists that will surprise even the most loyal fans. The sixth season will be packed with emotions, from laughter to tears.

Emperor of Ocean Park

July 14

The premiere of Emperor of Ocean Park, based on Stephen L. Carter's novel, is scheduled for July 14. The story centers around law professor Talcott Garland, whose peaceful life is upended following the death of his father, the respected Judge Oliver Garland. Suspecting foul play, Talcott, along with journalist Mariah, uncovers dark secrets from the judge's life intertwined with the dirty political games of local power brokers.

Tokyo Swindlers

July 25

The new crime series Tokyo Swindlers is set to air, featuring a group of con artists in Tokyo grappling with the skyrocketing real estate prices. Desperate and enraged, they devise a bold plan to defraud the system and seize 10 billion yen, plunging them into a dangerous world of dark secrets, corruption, and fraud.

Lady in the Lake

July 19

The miniseries Lady in the Lake is based on Laura Lippman's novel. Set in 1960s Baltimore, the story follows Maddie Schwartz, who appears to be a model housewife but abruptly decides to become an investigative journalist. Her first case involves the disappearance of a young Jewish girl, Tessie, which turns out to be linked to the murder of a bartender, Cleo. The high-profile crimes consume Maddie's attention, putting her and her loved ones at risk.

Women in Blue

July 31

The new drama series Women in Blue tells the story of four women who became the first female police officers in 1970s conservative Mexican society. They face fierce opposition from their male colleagues, who doubt their capability to perform the job. Their biggest challenge comes from an unexpected public investigation that casts a shadow over their work.


July 10

The new drama series Sunny depicts the life of Suzy, an American living in Kyoto, Japan, whose life changes forever after a tragic plane crash kills her husband and son. Her only solace is Sunny, a robot assistant developed by her husband's company. Initially skeptical of the robot, Suzy gradually warms to it as they seek answers about the plane crash, which proves to be more complex than it seems.

Those About to Die

July 1

The new historical series Those About to Die is set in 2nd-century Ancient Rome, where gladiatorial games are not just a sport but a brutal reality connecting people from various social strata. The plot centers on the intertwined stories of gladiators, politicians, and other Romans whose lives are closely tied to the gladiatorial arena.