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Top 10 EU cities for easy job hunting

Top 10 EU cities for easy job hunting Job interview (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

The choice of city of residence in the EU often depends on job prospects. After all, the opportunity to have a good income is one of the most important indicators of quality of life.

Residents of which cities encounter the least difficulty in finding employment and where not to go in search of work, RBC-Ukraine reports, according to

Finding a job is easiest in the north and west of Europe

The latest report on quality of life in European cities, published by the European Commission, showed that the most opportunities to find good jobs are in the northern and western countries of Europe.

In this survey, only one in four residents of cities in southern European countries considered it easy to find work there. Meanwhile, half of the people in cities in western (53%) and northern EU countries (55%) believe it's easy to find employment with good conditions. In cities in eastern EU countries, fewer than half of residents believe it's easy to find employment with good conditions.

Outside the EU, in cities in the UK and EFTA countries, the proportion of residents satisfied with job availability is 54%, while in cities in the western Balkans and Türkiye, only 38% and 46% of people respectively find it easy to secure employment.

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The report notes that cities generally offer more specialized and higher-paying jobs compared to rural areas, but the ease of finding employment among urban residents varies significantly even within the same country.

In which cities are the best employment opportunities, and where are they the lowest?

The top three cities where residents find it easiest to secure good jobs are Prague, Cluj-Napoca, and Munich. The lowest chances of good employment are in Palermo, Naples (Italy), and Oviedo (Spain).

Overall, the ranking of cities with the easiest employment opportunities is as follows:

  • Prague (Czechia) - 79%;
  • Cluj-Napoca (Romania) - 73%;
  • Munich (Germany) - 72%;
  • Bratislava (Slovakia) - 72%;
  • Hamburg (Germany) - 71%;
  • Oslo (Norway) - 69%;
  • Stockholm (Sweden) - 68%;
  • Warsaw (Poland) - 66%;
  • Sofia (Bulgaria) - 65%;
  • Tallinn (Estonia) - 65%.

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At the same time, the bottom five cities with the worst chances of employment include: Palermo (4%), Naples (11%), Oviedo (16%), Turin (19%), Rome (20%). Also, only 21% to 24% of residents of cities consider it easy to find employment in Malaga, Athens, Miskolc, Barcelona, and Madrid.

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