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Top 10 safest cities in Europe ranked

Top 10 safest cities in Europe ranked People on the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark (
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The level of safety in a city is an important factor in choosing a place to live or a vacation destination. In Europe, people often feel safer depending on the region and size of the settlements, according to

In which European cities do people feel safest?

The latest report on the quality of life in European cities published by the European Commission showed that residents of the northern European countries feel the safest. Residents were asked how safe they felt walking alone on the streets at night.

According to the survey, the safest city in Europe in 2023 is Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. In this city, 87% of the surveyed residents feel safe. The second and third places are taken by the cities of Oviedo in Spain and Ljubljana in Slovenia.

In general, the rating looks like this:

  • Copenhagen (Denmark) - 87%;
  • Oviedo (Spain) - 87%;
  • Ljubljana (Slovenia) - 87%;
  • Bialystok (Poland) - 86%;
  • Groningen (Netherlands) - 86%;
  • Zurich (Switzerland) - 86%;
  • Aalborg (Denmark) - 85%;
  • Braga (Portugal) - 84%;
  • Luxembourg (Luxembourg) - 83%;
  • Oulu (Finland) - 83%.

At the same time, the highest level of security, when people feel safe on the streets at night, was shown by a survey of residents of the following cities: Oslo, Stockholm, Gdansk, Helsinki, Geneva, Cluj-Napoca, and Malaga.

Top 10 safest cities in Europe rankedPhoto: Tourists in Ljubljana (

In which cities do the least residents feel safe?

The survey showed that cities in southern countries have a lower rating in terms of safety. Popular tourist cities took the bottom of the ranking. Less than half of respondents feel safe on the streets at night.

The top 10 least safe cities in Europe look like this:

  • Rome, Italy - 38%;
  • Athens, Greece - 40%;
  • Marseille, France - 43%;
  • Naples, Italy - 44%;
  • Liege, Belgium - 44%;
  • Istanbul, Turkiye - 44%.
  • Ostrava, Czechia - 45%;
  • Miskolc, Hungary - 48%;
  • Sofia, Bulgaria - 48%;
  • Turin, Italy - 49%.

Top 10 safest cities in Europe rankedPhoto: Architecture in Rome (

In general, 63% of residents feel safe in cities in southern European countries, while in northern countries, the figure is 19% higher. The survey also found that more people feel safe in smaller cities.

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