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Top 10 airports that cause stress and anxiety

Top 10 airports that cause stress and anxiety Gatwick Airport in London (
Author: Maria Kholina

Air travel in 2023 proved to be challenging due to strikes, system glitches, and adverse weather conditions. Nevertheless, many tourists are planning flights for the winter holidays, when passenger traffic reaches its peak. shared about the airports that are considered the most stressful by travelers.

A study by VisaGuide.World in December 2023 determined the ranking of the "most stressful" airports in the world. They surveyed 1,642 air passengers from 53 countries who had undertaken at least two international flights in 2023.

People were asked about the aspects of air travel that cause them the most stress. It turned out to be the high number of passengers, massive airports where orientation is often challenging, flight delays, and the distance from the city center.

Based on these criteria, London's Gatwick emerged as the most stressful. It has one of the highest passenger density ratios per building area. The percentage of flight delays is the second largest in the top ten, and the distance from the city center is the greatest at 43 km.

In the second spot is Istanbul Airport in Türkiye, the busiest in Europe, having served 64 million passengers in 2022. Travelers claim they often encounter difficulties navigating the airport due to its immense size—over 76 million square meters.

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Taking the third spot is Munich Airport, which served 31 million passengers in 2022, with its size being five times smaller than Istanbul's.

In the fourth position on the international airport anti-rating is Denver International Airport in the USA, and in the fifth position is the British hub Heathrow, the second busiest in Europe with 61.6 million passengers.

In the sixth position is Los Angeles International Airport, and in the seventh position is Rome-Fiumicino Airport. The last three spots in the top ten are held by American international airports Dallas Fort Worth, John F. Kennedy, and O'Hare Airport.