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Time of change: Things you should get rid of before spring comes

Time of change: Things you should get rid of before spring comes What things should be thrown away before the start of spring (photo: Freepik)

The beginning of spring is associated with renewal in everything. Order and cleanliness in the house contribute to a good mood and inner peace. It is worth knowing what things need to be thrown away before the start of spring, writes Southern Living.

Things that no longer fit you

There may be old jeans in the closet, which simply may not fit you in size. Therefore, it is time to throw them away.

People often keep such things at home because of the hope that one day they will go to the gym and lose weight. However, you should not put pressure on yourself and wear what suits you now.

It is also worth throwing out the old decor, which has already lost its appearance.

If there is something in the house that makes you feel anxious, it is probably time to remove it from the house and make room for things that inspire and make you happy.

The following clothes and shoes should be checked:

  • tights with drawstrings

  • socks with holes

  • bras that have lost their breast support function

  • items with stains that do not come off

  • clothes not fitting your size

  • prom or other formal dresses

  • old swimsuits


  • expired goods
  • dried lipstick or mascara
  • samplers
  • stretched hair bands
  • almost empty jars and bottles
  • 'bald' makeup brushes

Sentimental items

It is often difficult for people to say goodbye to things they are used to.

These are sentimental items that you feel the need to hold on to. They are old postcards, travel tickets, etc.

But there may also be things that have been serving you well for a long time or hold a special place in your heart, even though you know it's time to say goodbye.

Also, if you don't wear dresses at all, but you have a lot of them, then they just take up space in your closet,

'Just in case' things

Many people have such things at home. However, if the stock of things has become very large, then it is time to reduce it.

It is better to give them to someone who can use them now.