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Three simple rules to help relieve stress

Three simple rules to help relieve stress How to relieve stress (photo: Freepik)

In the body of a person under stress, cortisol is released, which, with prolonged exposure, can have a negative impact on well-being. Of course, it is not possible to completely avoid stress, but there are techniques that allow reducing its level and negative effects on health, according to the nutritionist Anastasia Holoborodko.

How cortisol affects the body

"The cortisol hormone restricts functions that are not crucial in anxious reactions. It determines the immune response, suppresses the activity of the digestive and reproductive systems, and slows down growth processes. Control is exerted only over three reactions - mood, motivation, and fear," explains the expert.

Holoborodko notes that as soon as the threat passes, hormone levels return to their previous values. Gradually, the systems restore their activity.

"When a stressful, even a minor factor is present frequently or constantly, the response to the situation remains in the activated state all the time. As a result, we get a modern diagnosis of conditional adrenal fatigue - the organ's de-adaptation and its inability to perform its functions. Their decrease occurs, and the reactions become insufficient to maintain the body's functions normally," says the nutritionist.

How to reduce cortisol levels

Holoborodko advises the following practices to reduce stress hormone levels: meditation, taking baths with salt, walking in the forest, taking contrast showers, engaging in low-intensity sports, and going to bed before 11:00 PM. Additionally, she recommends incorporating the following three practices regularly.

"For 20 minutes every couple of days, do nothing. Sit on the couch. No phone, no books, no movie – you just sit. It's challenging; all thoughts reconsider, no new ones come up; three whole minutes will pass, and you'll have 27 left. Then, do anything, but without new information. An advanced level is to dedicate Saturdays or Sundays to be gadget-free," advises the nutritionist.

She also suggests not constantly replaying thoughts in your head; it's better to write them down on paper.

"A thousand thought-out tasks and constant mental problem-solving are dysfunctional," says Holoborodko.

And most importantly, she advises enjoying your five senses. It's essential to engage all five analyzers and derive maximum satisfaction.

"For me, it's a ritual with tea: my ideal and beautiful cup, warm, heated, the aroma of tea, the taste. Three minutes of tea drinking work perfectly with dopamine receptors," says the nutritionist.

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