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Three questions to help you understand you still love your partner

Three questions to help you understand you still love your partner These three questions will help you understand your feelings for your partner (photo:

In relationships that last for years, there inevitably comes a moment when it feels like the feelings have faded. It seems that only attachment and habit remain. However, psychologists say it's not wise to rush to conclusions because passion may subside, but feelings do not.

Psychologist Jeffrey Bernstein in Psychology Today shares the exact signs that your feelings haven't faded and what you should ask yourself.

According to the expert, pondering whether you still love your husband or wife is not unusual. You have lived many years together, your feelings for each other have evolved, and you have gone through many different situations.

But don't rush to conclude that your feelings have long faded. Often, they are still alive inside you; they just don't manifest as clearly.

"Determining whether you are still in love with your partner can be deeply personal and sometimes challenging. Love evolves, and what once seemed clear-cut can become complex as relationships mature. However, asking yourself specific questions can help illuminate your true feelings," says Bernstein.

Do you miss them

Ask yourself if you miss your partner when they're not around, working late, on a business trip, or busy with other commitments. If the answer is a definite yes and you have a desire to be with them, it indicates that your feelings are still strong. This means you miss their company, their voice, their laughter, and the comfort they provide.

If you often think about your partner when they are not around, it shows that they are very important to you and that you are deeply emotionally connected. It is a natural human reaction to crave the presence of those we love.

The psychologist warns that it's important to distinguish between a healthy desire to be with someone and dependency on them. If you feel incomplete without your partner, it is a concerning sign.

Do you enjoy being together

Relationships thrive on mutual communication and shared experiences. If you enjoy watching movies together, having breakfast side by side, sharing what happens to you, and you feel comfortable with your partner, this is a sign of love. These shared, routine moments of joy and satisfaction contribute to happiness in life.

If you feel indifferent towards your partner or prefer to spend time apart, it may be a sign that it's time to reevaluate your feelings. Love is often reflected in the joy and satisfaction that comes from simply being in the presence of the other person.

Do you see a future together

Do you discuss plans together? Do you think about what your life will look like with your partner in the coming years? Inspiring thoughts about a shared future are a deep indicator of true love.

This means you are ready to invest in the relationship and handle difficulties. It reflects a desire to grow together and navigate life's ups and downs as a team.

"Moreover, discussing and aligning future goals can strengthen your bond. It ensures that both partners are on the same page and are working towards a shared vision. If you can't imagine your future without your partner, it’s a vital sign that your love for them is enduring," says the psychologist.