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This packing rule simplifies your life

This packing rule simplifies your life What to take on a trip (photo:

Packing luggage for a trip or business journey often presents many challenges. It can be particularly difficult for those who have no idea what to take on vacation and how to pack suitcases correctly, according to the Daily Express.

How to avoid overloading your luggage

An expert from Marks & Spencer revealed that many people pack their luggage incorrectly. They bring unnecessary items, which leads them to overpay for extra baggage and struggle with several heavy suitcases.

This is especially true for people traveling with children. However, there is one rule that can significantly simplify both packing luggage and transporting it.

It's all about footwear. Shoes take up the most space in suitcases and backpacks. Often, people take too many pairs of shoes or sandals with them, even though they end up wearing only one or two pairs during their vacation.

The secret is to bring only three pairs of shoes per person. According to the expert, this is more than sufficient.

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How to pack luggage correctly for a trip (photo:

What shoes to take on vacation

The expert from Gatsby Shoes advises limiting yourself to these options:

  • comfortable pair of sneakers for walks and in case of rain
  • stylish pair of shoes or sandals for evening outings and festive events
  • practical footwear for the beach or pool that doesn't rub, slip, or restrict movement.

"Your primary pair of shoes should be comfortable for walking, durable enough for adventure activities, and stylish enough not to detract from your daily outfits. Opt for neutral colours that blend seamlessly with multiple outfits," noted the expert.

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