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This drink helps with weight loss: Tips from health coach

This drink helps with weight loss: Tips from health coach Photo: What drink will help you lose weight (

One cup of this drink a day can really help people shed pounds, as it's packed with fiber, suppressing appetite, according to health coach Steve Benett.

Drink that can help with weight loss

Health coach Steve Bennett said that while nuts and seeds are great fiber-rich foods, hot chocolate can help people who have a sweet tooth slim down.

Fiber takes longer to digest in the body, so you feel fuller for longer and it can curb snacking - a common cause of weight gain.

"If you put the fibre first you can eat whatever you like afterwards but you will end up eating less because you feel fuller. Cocoa powder, which should be the main ingredient in hot chocolate, is high in fiber," Steve explained.

Don't buy cocoa with added sugar in supermarkets, make the drink yourself.

The expert recommends a recipe consisting of 200 ml of warm milk, two tablespoons of regular cocoa powder, and two teaspoons of stevia sweetener.

Why fiber is so important

On average, adults only get about 20 grams of the recommended 30 grams of fiber per day. Cocoa powder contains about 28% fiber. Other good sources include avocados, whole grains, and vegetables.

A study conducted by scientists in 2015 involving 240 participants showed that those who simply aimed to reach the target of 30 grams of fiber per day lost an average of two kilograms per year.

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