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There are many battles, but situation is under control: General Staff identifies hottest spot on front

There are many battles, but situation is under control: General Staff identifies hottest spot on front Illustrative photo: Ukrainian soldier (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

The Russian army continues its offensive actions along the entire front line, attempting to break through the defense of our troops. The hottest fighting is reported in the Pokrovsk direction, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the General Staff, the total number of clashes has risen to 76 since the beginning of the day. The enemy shows the highest activity in the Pokrovsk direction. The defending forces are putting up a worthy resistance against the enemy pressure.

Situation in the directions

In the Kharkiv direction, the enemy initiated assault actions five times, each time near Vovchansk. Two clashes are ongoing. The aggressor also conducted airstrikes. Specifically, three strikes of Russian guided air bombs hit the village of Symynivka, and in total, the enemy used 10 guided air bombs in this direction.

In the Kupiansk direction, the number of clashes has increased to eight. Defense forces are repelling two enemy attacks near the settlements of Stepova Novoselivka and Berestove. The aggressor targeted Synkivka with unguided air-to-ground rockets.

In the Lyman direction, the Russian army conducted 10 offensive actions since the beginning of the day. Currently, four clashes are ongoing. The Serebryanske forestry area has joined the previous locations with active fighting. The situation is under the control of the defense forces.

In the Siversk direction, the number of battles for today remains at 13.

In the Kramatorsk direction, two clashes are ongoing: in the microdistrict of Chasiv Yar Novyi and Ivanivske.

In the Toretsk direction, the enemy is not conducting assault actions at the moment, but airstrikes with guided air bombs and unguided rockets were carried out in the area of the city of Toretsk.

There are currently 11 battles ongoing in the Pokrovsk direction, where Russian troops are making efforts to breach our defense lines. Defense against the attacks continues, particularly in the areas of Yevhenivka, Kalynove, Oleksandrivka, and Sokil. The total number of clashes since the beginning of the day in this direction is 25. The situation is under control. Ukrainian soldiers are defeating the enemy. Today, irreversible losses of the enemy in the Pokrovsk direction have exceeded 50 people, and Russian sanitary losses are 102. Additionally, one mortar was destroyed, and two enemy tanks were damaged.

In the Kurakhove direction, the third attack by Russian troops near Krasnohorivka is being repelled today.

In the Vremivka direction, our soldiers are still hindering the enemy's assault actions in the Urozhaine area. The enemy troops struck with guided air bombs near Vuhledar.

In the Orikhiv direction, the enemy made the second attack of the day on Mala Tokmachka, unsuccessfully.

As of the morning of June 18, it was reported that the Defense Forces had eliminated another 1230 Russian troops. The total number of enemy losses since the beginning of the full-scale war has exceeded 528 thousand personnel.

You can familiarize yourself with the morning summary from the General Staff at the following link.