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Theater in Moscow's center on fire, smoke rising from dome

Theater in Moscow's center on fire, smoke rising from dome Photo: a theater is on fire in the center of Moscow (

A major fire broke out in the center of Moscow on the morning of January 28. The Satire Theater is ablaze, according to Russian Telegram channels 112 and Shot.

It is reported that a fire broke out in the Satire Theater on Triumph Square in the center of Moscow. The building, originally constructed in 1911, initially served as a circus.

The fire area covers 200 square meters. Russian media report that the wooden structures of the dome's roof are ablaze, and the fire continues to spread.

Footage shared online shows smoke billowing from under the building's dome. At the scene, as mentioned by Russians, 62 firefighters and 14 pieces of equipment are currently working.

Fires in Russia

In recent months, Russia has experienced a high number of fires, frequently erupting in Moscow and other regions. These fires have become more prevalent in ports, military facilities, factories, and other locations.

Notably, a large warehouse of an online store recently burned down in St. Petersburg. At the time of the fire, there were at least 1000 people in the warehouse.

A few days ago, a powerful fire broke out at a furniture factory near Chelyabinsk.