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Inner critic holds you back - How to overcome self-doubt: Only three steps

Inner critic holds you back - How to overcome self-doubt: Only three steps Three steps that can help overcome self-doubt (Photo:

People tend to fall into a spiral of their thoughts and begin to feel afraid of doing something wrong. The inner critic interferes with daring and overcoming doubts. Making this critic quiet isn't so difficult after all. How to quickly tame doubts and silence your inner critic shares Fit for Fun.

Self-doubt can hinder a person from achieving goals. And what's worse - these doubts constantly gnaw, and in the long term create a load on our psyche.

Those who often tell themselves that they can't do something are less likely to take on new challenges. Self-doubt appears suddenly, and such people often feel paralyzed by these fears.

But getting out of the spiral of self-doubt requires motivation and an influx of energy - it's not so simple when the wheel of thoughts is spinning. But this can be done.

1. Acknowledge self-criticism

The first and most important point in overcoming self-criticism is to realize that you yourself make yourself feel bad. Observing your own thoughts and doubts requires practice and attention, but this can be learned.

If you notice that you are overwhelmed by self-doubt, take a deep breath and perform the next two actions:

  • For a moment, stop doing what you are doing, and take a deep breath.
  • Ask yourself: am I being self-critical right now? Am I again being guided by my inner critic?

Sometimes it can be useful to ask yourself how a stranger would look at the situation. This way you can avoid your own limiting perspective and create a neutral image.

2. Hello, it`s your inner critic

It is important, especially at the beginning, to honestly deal with self-doubt. Try to observe your critical voice and recognize triggers. Perhaps it always appears when you are short of time. If you figure it out - you can take purposeful steps.

In psychology, there is a technique where the inner voice of the critic is personified. This can help to name the voice of self-doubt and have the opportunity to turn to it directly. If you feel self-doubt, then ask yourself:

  • What does my critical voice want to say? What does my critical voice demand from me?
  • What emotions are hidden behind the critical voice?

3. No longer caught

Self-critical thoughts can quickly intensify and then become a real negative spiral. Everyone who wants to break out of the spiral must be lenient towards themselves.

Ask yourself questions to get out of the negative spiral:

  • What would I advise a friend if he were in such a situation? Can I say these words to myself?
  • How would I talk to a friend? Can I also use this tone with myself?
  • If I helped my friend? Can I also help myself in this way?

Do not despair if you cannot immediately get rid of self-criticism. To master these methods, you need a lot of practice - and you don't have to completely get rid of self-criticism.

Be lenient and understanding towards yourself and give yourself enough time to complete this task to try new methods and slowly master them.