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Taurus for Ukraine: Pistorius says there are more important needs

Taurus for Ukraine: Pistorius says there are more important needs German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius believes that Kyiv's fundamental defense needs might be overlooked during the debates on supplying Ukraine with Taurus cruise missiles, according to Tagesschau.

He noted that a sufficient quantity of artillery ammunition, long-range rocket artillery, and air defense are the truly urgent issues.

"The fact that confidential information from the meeting leaked out is part of this cacophony. Everyone is trying to assert themselves with their behavior, to play their own game," Pistorius said.

At the same time, he also warned against the harm in debates regarding Taurus.

"Above all, this discussion has been pushed to the extreme for several months now. It is the right of anyone who wants to do so. We should not have come to the point of ruling it out once and for all. However, I believe it must be understood that supporting Ukraine in other areas is more important," he emphasized.

Taurus for Ukraine

Last year, Ukraine asked Germany for long-range Taurus missiles, which can destroy targets up to 500 kilometers away.

However, Berlin is hesitant to deliver. Chancellor Olaf Scholz himself opposes it, explaining that such deliveries supposedly require the presence of German soldiers on the ground.

Scholz also claimed that in the event of providing the Ukrainian Armed Forces with Taurus missiles, they could "reach a specific target somewhere in Moscow" if used incorrectly.