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Taste of coffee depends on the grind

Taste of coffee depends on the grind How to choose the right coffee grind (photo: Freepik)

For each type of coffee preparation, there is an ideal grind for beans. It directly affects the taste of the drink and makes it perfect, according to the publication by Yaskrava kava on Instagram.

Coarse grid

The coarsest grind is suitable for making coffee in a French press. The particle size should be approximately 0.8 mm. The extraction time is 4 minutes.

"To remember the required particle size, you can rub the ground coffee between your fingers. Coarse grind particles should be easily felt. However, they should not be too large, or else the brewed coffee won't be rich," explain the experts.

Medium grid

Some experts consider it to be universal. The particle size is slightly smaller. It can also be used for a French press, but the brewing time should be reduced to 3 minutes.

"The medium grind is suitable for drip coffee makers, both household and professional ones. It may also work for some types of stovetop espresso makers. The correctness of the chosen grind is checked by the taste of the drink. If the beverage is rich and flavorful, you've done it right," note the experts.

Fine espresso grind

The grind size incredibly impacts the flavor qualities. By adjusting the grind, you can remove excess bitterness or acidity and achieve greater richness.

"There are at least two grind settings for an espresso machine: coarse espresso (the former option) and fine espresso. Based on the brewing parameters provided below, you can determine which grind is suitable for your espresso machine," say the experts.

If the coffee flows too quickly, and there is no crema on the surface, you should use a finer grind.

Fine grind, almost powdery

The finest grind is used for making Eastern-style coffee and brewing in a cup.

"This is the only way coffee is served with grounds, but there should be as little of it as possible in the cup. Achieving a 'powder-like' grind at home is difficult. Not all coffee grinders, even professional ones, produce the perfect grind," experts add.