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Tarot prediction for the week: Who may expect miracle for the New Year

Tarot prediction for the week: Who may expect miracle for the New Year Photo: Who may expect miracle for the New Year (

Tarot horoscope for the last week of the year says that these days will be incredibly interesting. However, surprisingly, not everyone should expect good things; some zodiac signs should prepare for scandals and problems, according to Hindustan Times.


A tremendous amount of happiness awaits you. The new week will bring you numerous unique opportunities. To achieve success, it's worth abandoning stereotypical thinking and adding more innovation.

In your relationships, you will enjoy harmony with your loved one. However, there's a chance that your significant other may make a mistake. Don't turn it into a tragedy; this situation won't bring any problems.


This week will be fun and carefree. You'll have plenty of time to spend with family and close ones. Enjoy this time and don't burden yourself with too much work.

Don't worry; even if you decide to skip or even avoid some responsibilities, your superiors will understand. You can easily smooth out any rough edges. Show your best qualities, and remember that a smile and kind words can make you a winner.


In the coming days, you will find yourself in the spotlight. Additionally, incredible financial success awaits you. Toward the end of the year, you will be showered with money.

While enjoying success, don't forget about your significant other. Pay attention to your loved one. And if you don't have a partner yet, don't worry. You will meet them soon.


The last week of the year will bring you belief in miracles. It's time to discard negative thoughts and eliminate anything from your life that brings you negative emotions. Forget about what used to trouble you.

Success awaits you in all your endeavors. However, be prepared for situations that may lead to arguments. Don't doubt yourself and be persuasive.


This week will present you with various challenges. Be ready to showcase all your talents. Be productive, and only then will you reap rewards.

Try to control your emotions. Be careful; a scandal may erupt between you and your significant other. Additionally, there's a risk that a disagreement with colleagues may harm your reputation.


You will have to take on new responsibilities. Don't worry; you'll handle everything. The new week will bring exciting adventures and unusual events.

Don't try to change the course of fate. Accept everything that happens, and don't be afraid of change. You won't face problems, but you can ruin your mood with your fears.


You will enjoy peace and forget about the hustle. Sometimes it's worth slowing down; be sure to find time to relax. Also, be patient; someone close may disappoint you. However, don't turn it into a scandal.

Try to help those who need your support. Don't be afraid to give advice and offer your assistance. You will be greatly appreciated.


The new week brings real roller coasters for you. You may get angry and offend someone who doesn't deserve it. If that happens, find the strength to rectify the situation, and try to mend the mistake.

Good news awaits you at work. You will gain approval from superiors and impress everyone with your productivity. Also, consider global achievements; think about what you want to change in your life.


Pleasant surprises await you. Fate has decided to reward you for your efforts. So, think about how to spend these days in a fun and unhurried manner. Postpone all important matters; they can wait.

However, don't indulge in harmful habits; they can affect your health. Take care of your body and spend the week beneficially for both your body and soul.


You will be filled with motivation and will be able to open any doors. Enemies tried to harm you, but all their plans failed. And that will undoubtedly please you. However, don't rush with retaliation; let karma take its course.

If you have the opportunity, plan a trip. It will be beneficial for you. If finances don't allow, enjoy a stroll in the park—you may meet someone who becomes a good friend.


Happiness will overwhelm you. Expect good news and allow yourself to genuinely rejoice. Additionally, be prepared for a significant encounter.

You may be offered an interesting job opportunity. If you're up for an adventure, accept it. If you want peace, choose your words carefully and politely decline.


You will be able to predict events and find the right solution in difficult situations. Don't shy away from responsibility, and don't fear mistakes. Face your fears.

Maintain optimism and don't forget about your friends. Spend time with those who uplift your spirits. By the end of the year, recharge yourself with positive emotions.

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