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Tarot horoscope: Which zodiac signs could get rich this week

Tarot horoscope: Which zodiac signs could get rich this week Illustrative photo (
Author: Maria Kholina

Tarot cards horoscope for this week, from November 27 to December 3, promises incredible adventures for some Zodiac signs. Some will get lucky in love, others will manage to get rich, and some should expect a promotion at work, according to Metro.


You will receive an interesting job offer. This will directly impact your future career, so don't wait, instead, start working and approach your moment of triumph.

Set the bar high for better motivation. When you reach new heights, you will not only receive a generous reward but also a sense of stability and confidence in tomorrow.


Luck will be on your side in your love life. You may meet your significant other, start a romance, or strengthen your relationship with your partner. You will also make new friends and have a lot of fun.

The upcoming week has many adventures in store for you. Connect with people and spend as much time outside your home as possible. Don't miss your chance!


You can start a new life. Everything you've dreamed of will come true. However, don't stop at what you've achieved. Keep dreaming and strive for change.

In the coming days, you may experience success and take risks. Spin the wheel of fortune and don't doubt that significant victories await you. Serious transformations are in store for you, and boredom will definitely not be an issue.


It's time to let go of a situation that's been heavy on your heart. If you feel stuck or fixate on a problem that can't be solved, start something new. And don't think that negativity will follow you; it will stay in the past.

When you release all the negativity, joyful events will come into your life. Don't spoil your mood with memories and sadness. Start living for real.


Prepare for an eventful new week. You will gain new experiences, and not everything will come easily to you. However, if you can maintain faith in the better, you will overcome everything.

Find a source of inspiration and make a fresh start. Sometimes it's worth admitting a mistake and drawing conclusions. Be cautious with your expenses, as you risk losing money.


You'll need to muster courage. Someone is testing your patience, but for some reason, you're not ready to stand up to the wrongdoer. Now is the time to fight for your happiness.

Remember your past victories. Consider whether you're willing to compromise now. If your answer is "no," you know what you need to do.


The new week will surprise you. Don't fixate on work and constantly think about your career. Consider what you truly want. Take a break and spend time alone.

You need to organize your thoughts, process your emotions, and make a new plan. Dedicate as muh time to this as possible. As a result, you will achieve what you've been aiming for for several months.


Keep calm. Avoid taking risks and succumbing to impulsive desires. Ponder each step and try not to make mistakes.

Listen to advice and don't dismiss others' opinions, even if you disagree. Perhaps you should learn to broaden your perspective. This skill will ensure your victory in the near future.


The new week will allow you to resolve the problems that have been bothering you. At the same time, pay attention to your inner child. Allow yourself to have fun, spend time with friends, and engage in activities that bring joy.

This will give you inspiration. Thanks to gaining strength and enjoying your leisure time, you'll experience a second wind. That'll be the time to get back to work.


You're in for a life lesson that will teach you a lot. It may not be pleasant and easy, but understand that sometimes this happens. Don't be resentful; you can't control the circumstances.

Don't dwell on sadness. Spend time with your family, find an engaging activity to distract yourself. This forced pause may seem detrimental, but it will actually help you.


Start evaluating the year. Recall your successes and analyze events that dissatisfied you. Then, create a plan of action and clearly understand whether you're ready to move forward.

However, don't spend the entire week self-reflecting. You'll likely feel the urge to have some fun by the weekend. Don't deny yourself; take a break.


You will enjoy success and rejoice in having genuinely honest people by your side. Share your happiness with friends and allow yourself to dream. Look ahead with confidence; there's no need to doubt yourself.

Additionally, the new week may prompt you to revisit the past. Someone may remind you of their presence, and you can decide whether it's the right time to address it. Act as you see fit.