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Tarot horoscope for first week of April

Tarot horoscope for first week of April What does the tarot horoscope promise for all zodiac signs (illustration:

The new week, from April 1 to 7, will be very eventful. Some zodiac signs are predicted to have great success according to tarot cards, while others are facing total failure.

Hindustan Times tells what awaits you in the first week.


The new week may start for you with unplanned events or even a trip. Be ready for spontaneous journeys. Everything will be fine, it's important to just trust fate.

Don't worry about trivial matters, try to focus on the positive. There will be many more good events if you let positivity into your life.


Changes will burst into your life. But you are unlikely to be ready for everything fate has in store for you. Most likely, you are in for a blow.

Try not to drown in a whirlpool of sadness. Seek the support of friends and ask for advice from a close person. A reliable shoulder that will be offered to you will help you pull yourself together.


In the next seven days, you will be able to catch the tail of the bird of happiness. However, be attentive, the chance may slip away, so it's important not to miss it.

You will be able to solve all your problems and easily leave all the negativity behind. Additionally, say goodbye to people who hinder your progress.


A week of wonders and joyful events awaits you. Moreover, you will be able to hit the jackpot and fill your wallet with money.

Think about how to increase your income. Perhaps you will receive a lucrative offer. However, don't rush to agree to everything, weigh all the pros and cons.


You should show patience. Perhaps the new week will seriously test your strength. Try not to panic and don't say too much to the people around you.

You should also refrain from unplanned expenses. Save money and think about whether you have savings for a rainy day.


Romantic adventures await you. Single Virgos will meet their significant other. And if you already have a loved one, you can expect very pleasant gifts.

Also, don't forget to dedicate time to your household chores. Domestic routine can be tiring at times, but it's important not to postpone important tasks for later.


This week will pleasantly surprise you. Everyone around you will seem to adore you. Accept compliments and praise, you deserve it.

However, stay vigilant. Remember that some people may be dishonest. Don't let strangers get too close.


You are in for career success. Perhaps you will be offered a promotion or sent on a business trip. These adventures will benefit you.

Don't be afraid to show your talents. Let your ambitions soar and unleash your potential. Be ready for success, it's coming your way.


You may consider making some major changes. Perhaps it's time to change jobs or simply take a break.

Devote time to your hobbies and learn to maintain balance. Sometimes it's worth putting yourself first and allowing yourself to rest.


Be careful, as you may have a serious disagreement with someone close. And if you say something you shouldn't, you won't be able to take it back.

Control your emotions and stay calm. By the end of the week, you'll be able to relax and forget about everything, as if it were just a bad dream.


At the beginning of the week, you should give up harmful habits. Moreover, ill-wishers may be planning something against you.

If you can resist temptation and avoid mistakes, good news awaits you by the weekend. Just weather this storm.


New opportunities will arise before you. It's time to consider whether you like everything you do.

If something is not going as planned, stop and take a break. Reconsider everything, the right decision may be right in front of you.

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