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Tarot card reading for June 17: Sagittarius facing financial loss, Libra to receive a gift

Tarot card reading for June 17: Sagittarius facing financial loss, Libra to receive a gift What tarot card reading promises for June 17 (Illustrative photo:

On June 17, representatives of some zodiac signs will be lucky. However, there will also be those who should prepare for problems as Tarot cards promise unpleasant events.

Here's what Monday will bring to each zodiac sign, according to Your Tango website.


You have the reversed Nine of Swords card. This means you can achieve a lot on Monday if you control your emotions. Don't rush and weigh each decision carefully.


You have the Hermit card. It's time to take a pause and have a rest a bit. You need to rethink many things. Make the right conclusions and change your approach to life.


You have the Knight of Cups card. Changes are looming. On Monday, you'll have a chance to get rid of everything that has been dragging you down. And when you free yourself from these shackles, a surprise awaits you.


Your card for June 17 is the reversed Chariot. Everything suggests that you need to persistently move forward and not change your goals. You're close to success, but you may have to sacrifice something.


You have the reversed Six of Pentacles card. Sometimes life throws unpleasant events at us. However, all trials are not without purpose. It's time to internalize an important lesson.


You have the reversed Queen of Wands card. Cast away all fears. Focus on important matters and don't get distracted by trivialities. Step away from events where your presence may not be necessary.


You have the World card. A huge stroke of luck awaits you. You can soar very high; it's crucial to trust fate.


You have the reversed Four of Swords card. Everything will work out; this day will bring you great news and joy. Dedicate time to family and don't overload yourself with work.


You have the Four of Pentacles card. Most likely, you may feel a lack of money on this day. Some events will empty your wallet, but take it calmly; everything can be fixed.


You have the Seven of Cups card. This day may disappoint you greatly. Someone may try to break your heart. But if you take off the rose-colored glasses, it won't be as sad.


You have the reversed Two of Swords card. This means you'll have to make a difficult choice. Consult with those you can trust completely.


You have the reversed Queen of Cups card. You'll be surrounded by care and warmth. Start appreciating yourself and take some time to relax.

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